Does thinking about money cause you to feel stressed and overwhelmed?

Do you have limiting money beliefs that are keeping you stuck in old patterns?

Are you ready to release the negative thoughts and create an abundant money mindset?

Unlocking Wealth, A Guided Journal to an Abundant Money Mindset will help you question old limiting beliefs and create new empowering beliefs that will support you in creating your abundant money mindset!

In this 45 day guided journal, you will be able to let go of the past, focus on the present and dream about the future.

"For someone, like myself, who was brought up with a scarcity money mindset, this journal is just what you need. Every prompt is thought-provoking. I love how the prompts get you thinking about your past, your present, and your future...with a great balance of receiving money and giving it. This book helps you see money in a more positive and fun way. Ohhh...and let's not forget about the fun word search puzzles!! Another clever way to instill those affirmations into our brains and help us realise that money is a good thing!!

This book has 45 impactful prompts...but as the last page of the book says; Keep Going!!

I plan to go through this book twice. My first time round was applying all the prompts to my personal life (although some were related to income)...and my second time through it will be with my business in mind."

- Emma W.