is to build a community of women committed to creating Joy, Self-Love and Authenticity for themselves. 


    is to empower women to make self-care a priority, to set & achieve their goals and to show up as the BIG them!

About Holly

I am Holly. A mom, self love lover, speaker, writer, goal getter, travel enthusiast and a fan of all things chocolate! After experiencing trauma as a child, my life was unknowingly on auto pilot for the first 30 years, moving about my days not even knowing what self care was.

During a retreat in 2019 I started to rediscover myself and began to realize how important self care actually is. I am now able to mindfully add little bits of self care into my daily routine, whether it is going for a walk, working out, meditating, reading, drinking from my favorite mug, taking a long hot bath, or journaling.

My mission is to empower women to make self care a priority, to set and achieve goals and to show up as the BIG them!

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