Nurture Yourself in Nature

Nurture Yourself in Nature


Picture THIS...
The sun is shining, the trees are rustling, and your hair is blowing slightly in the breeze as you drive the country roads with your window down, breathing in that country autumn air.
You arrive at your peaceful destination with a picturesque view...ready to surround yourself in nature for a whole day of self-love and letting go!
THIS DAY is for YOU!

Holly & Emma's tips on how to enjoy your retreat experience:

🍂Disconnect: Put down your phone, tablet, device...whatever connects you to distractions.

🍂Be open: Allow yourself to be open to new experiences. Open up to vulnerability and let go of the negative thoughts like “I will look silly” or “This is weird” or “They want me to do WHAT?!”

🍂Be present: look around you, notice the beauty of your surroundings, and listen to the sounds or the stillness. There is nowhere else you have to be and nothing else you have to do except be here now.

🍂Let go: of your expectations, judgements, whatever doesn’t serve you – leave all those thoughts behind, and come to the retreat totally open to the joy of the experience.

🍂Consider coming alone: I know it seems scary, but know that a retreat is probably one of the best environments for you to be on your own: mentally, physically, and emotionally.

🍂Step out of your comfort zone: Try or at least attempt to try something you never thought you would ever do. For some people just the act of attending a retreat is a big step out of their comfort zone.

🍂Bring it home: On the drive home allow yourself to reflect on your thoughts, feelings and the changes you experienced during your retreat day. 


We're Emma & Holly !


Holly is a Certified Meditation Teacher and a Professional Bookkeeper. She is a Mom, speaker, goal getter, minimalist, chocolate lover and Abundance Seeker!

In her spare time she enjoys hanging out with her kiddos, going on road trips, reading, journaling, traveling & long hot baths... just to name a few!


Emma is a boudoir and branding photographer for women... helping them feel comfortable and confident in their own bodies!

When Emma is not working with her boudoir and branding beYOUties, she's doing exactly THAT for herself. And…you can find her cuddling her kitties, pleading with her bunbuns to cuddle her, playing piano, flying round a pole, kick-boxing, journaling, reading  and spending time with her hubby!!


When you allow yourself to just BE YOU…you attract like-minded people. As you can see, Emma & I have some similar interests…so we became fast friends!




Here's what you can expect: 

🍂12PM Arrival & Snacks
🍂Guided Meditation
🍂Get to Know Each Other
🍂 the trees
🍂Self-Love Board
🍂Mini Photo Shoot
🍂Served Sit-Down Dinner 
🍂Fire Pit & Burn sunset
🍂Gratitude & Celebration
🍂Leave at Dark!




All this for ONLY $395 !





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